We are able to offer Secondhand and re-furbished Kardex, Linpic and Megamat Vertical Carousels and Shuttles and their associated products and services throughout the United Kingdom.

Vertical Carousels and Shuttles are an excellent way to achieve high density storage of small parts, electronic components and a wide range of finished goods and have over a number of years, proved themselves to be one of the most cost effective ways of maximising and achieving high density storage of many different components and parts.

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We are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Secondhand Kardex, Linpic and Megamat Vertical Carousels and Shuttle units.

In addition to supplying end users of automated storage equipment in Industry – we are also able to offer trade supplies of Vertical Carousels and Shuttles to other storage companies. Our Engineers and fitters are manufacturer trained and have consistently worked together since the late 1980’s.

Take a look at our current available units for Kardex, Linpic and Megamat.

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We are able to offer annual Service and Maintenance Contracts for all of your Kardex and Linpic Vertical Storage Carousel and Vertical Shuttle Units, and these can be tailored to suit your individual company requirements.

We are able to service and maintain all types of Kardex, Linpic and Megamat Vertical Storage Carousels and Vertical Storage Shuttles and are able to offer generous discounts for Companies who have more than one Machine on site and would therefore have a need for a multiple machine maintenance contract.

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System 9000 drawer containers are particularly suitable for use in small parts automated Vertical Storage and retrieval systems and are used extensively in Kardex, Linpic and Megamat Vertical Carousels and Kardex Vertical Shuttle units.

There are three sizes available to suit specific Carousel or Shuttle Systems in depths of 300mm, 400mm and 500mm. The containers are manufactured in heights of 82mm and in widths of either 94mm or 188mm. The System 9000 Drawer containers are available in blue.

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