Megamat Storage Systems are computer controlled automated vertical storage and retrieval systems that can help you maximise your space and optimise your efficiency. Megamat Carousels provide an excellent solution for businesses in all industries which require high density storage for a variety of items, offering flexibility and reliability at all times.

The Megamat Vertical Storage Carousel is an automated paternoster storage and retrieval Carousel with the facility of computer control. It has been developed by Megamat over a number of years and has been continiously improved through to its latest model.

The stock or components which are within the carousel are stored on the carrier shelves which rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise until the required part or component is brought to the counter or aperture. The operator is then able to pick or replenish the stock as desired and the next pick or replenishment from the machine is then made available.

Megamat Carousels are an excellent solution when you need high density storage, unrestricted flexibility in height and increased order picking productivity – they are available up to 10 metres high and with a maximum payload of 14 tonnes.

It is a fully automated and intelligent product which can be interfaced to simultaneously measure, weigh and allocate products to be stored in the most space efficient location within it. Combined with Smartstock cross reference software you will be able to maximize the efficient use of your inventory giving details of availability, transactional history, and space utilisation to boost your productivity increase even further.

At Abbeydale Storage we often stock quality second hand and pre-owned Megamat storage systems. Our prices include for delivery and installation, and additionally a 6 months comprehensive parts and labour warranty which in turn gives our customers complete peace of mind.

Speak with Abbeydale Storage today about your storage requirements, and let us help you find a Vertical Carousel Storage system to meet your needs.