Carousel and Shuttle Re-locations

We specialise in the re-location of Kardex, Linpic and Megamat Vertical Storage Carousels and Kardex and Megamat Vertical Storage Shuttles throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and are able to move all makes and models of Vertical Carousels and Vertical Shuttle Units.

We can offer a complete package whereby the Vertical Carousels or Shuttles are dismantled at their existing premises, transported to their new site, off-loaded at the new site and then re-built and commissioned.

We are also able to provide the necessary and essential ancillary equipment which is needed during the dismantling and re-building of the Machines such as Fork Lift Trucks and Scissor lifts, this equipment is mandatory during both the off-loading and Installation.

If the Vertical Carousels or Shuttles are to be moved to premises where the headroom is restricted, we are also able to shorten the Machines thereby altering the height to accommodate the new buildings available headroom.

We are also able to carry out on site moves where the clear headroom allows for the machines to be jacked up, placed onto heavy duty Machine skates or skoots and then moved without the need for the Carousels or Shuttles to be dismantled.

Dependant on the make and Manufacture of the Machine this can also be done whilst the Machine is fully laden and without the need for the removal of the stock within the machine.

We are able to provide specific written Method Statements and Risk Assessments for each individual Carousel or Shuttle re-location and in addition carry full Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

Should you have any requirements for your Kardex, Linpic or Megamat Vertical Storage Carousels or Vertical Shuttle Units to be dismantled, re-located or moved – please do not hesitate to Contact us