Storage Containers

Small Parts Drawer Containers

Drawer containers are particularly suitable for use in small parts automated Vertical Storage and retrieval systems and are used extensively in Kardex and Linpic Vertical Carousels.

There are three sizes available to suit specific Carousel Systems in depths of 300mm, 400mm and 500mm.


The containers are manufactured in heights of 82mm and in widths of either 94mm or 188mm. The Drawer containers are available in blue.

Each container has the ability to be sub divided across the width to then maximise the number of locations and consequently number of parts stored within each container.

We can also offer Storage Trays which are also suitable for use in other types of small parts automated Vertical Storage and retrieval systems.

These containers are available in either Blue or Red which then allows for the easy colour coding of parts and systems within the carousel or shuttle and they are available in lengths of 500mm or 600mm, widths of 115mm and 230mm and with heights of either 62mm or 100mm to suit the different Carousel shelf configurations.
Full width labels are available for the containers to allow the easy visual location of component parts.

The Containers are manufactured from Polypropylene which has a temperature tolerance of -20C to 80C and can withstand the effects of most oils, acids and solvents.

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